I'm great in bed


January 2015

"We are cups, constantly and quietly being filled. The trick is,

knowing how to tip ourselves over and let the beautiful stuff out."


Dearest Friends,

Welcome to a new year, a year where nobody knows whats going to happen but I

rekon it's okay to zone in on some personal desires for yourself don't you think?

Enhancements is a better word I think, one that gets me excited about the new year.

Enhancements vs. resolutions - trying to do things better than I have in the past. We

usually want the same things year after year: health, happiness, beautiful

experiences. We simply have to enhance and fine tune our abilities to pursue them.

Here are my 2015 enhancements:

''Be full, not busy. Being busy is out, being full is in. Because you can complain

endlessly about being too busy, but can you really complain about your life being

full? The answer is No.''

More time with friends. I wanna have long lazy chats over peppermint tea thats

gone cold because we'e had so much to talk about. I want my face to ache from

laughing and being with you. I want to make you cakes even though Im rubbish at it

and still you will say you love them. I want to say ' I'm booked that day, Im meeting

a friend' and that be more important then taking on more work opportunities. you

know what I mean? I am going to say yes to invitations of friendship, wherever they

may come from, Im going to show up, flowers in arms and have dinner with new

friends and enjoy the process of finding that sweet connection that make us wanna

do stuff together. And I can't wait!

More Yin Yoga. I plan to develop a close relationship with my bolster. Moving fast

and furious is out and stillness is in! And im going to do it in bed, before i sleep and

when i wake, Im going to roll over, make a mess of the sheets and bang out a cheeky

twist before I start my day. And I know Im going to be great! I'm going to yawn and

stretch and wriggle through a whole bunch of asanas until I feel like getting outta

bed. I'm going to replace my side table with my bolsters, blocks and strap so I can

lean over, grab what I need and start my daily practice in anew way. Legs up wall

and forward folds while half falling off the bed... wicked!

Daily Juices: It's a challenge when you're living here there and everywhere but I

have pre warned those who's couches I have been staying on to expect me my

toothbrush and my juicer. I'm going to juice until my skin in bright and bootiful and

then Im going to juice some more, Im going to juice anything I can get my hands on

and get it down my neck, it hasnt got to look pretty or even taste nice (don't worry

your pet puss is safe) no complecated recipies, expensive 'organice fair trade, grown

by a ruddy monk veggies' lets be honest, who has the time or money right? So me,

my bolster and my juicer are going to be best buds.

Being good in bed: Being good in bed is a tough one for me, I'm a wriggler, a

starfish sleeper, a I can't sleep so better watch 18 episodes of Prison Break, Im a

nightmare and would rather get up and do 108 salutations then lay there counting

sheep. So this year I am going to work on being great in bed, going to bed by 10:30,

no laptop in bed 'working' allowed. Im going to spend 15 minutes being still and

silent and counting my blessings.. Did you know it only takes 10 seconds for your

nervous system to remember a positive experience? forever! So this time will be

about feeling and really being with all that good stuff that has happend in the day.

I'm going to buy some posh pj's and make sure my phone is off.. I know it sounds

daft and I bet most of you already have a beautiful bedtime routine but for me since

the age of 5 I have never slept well, my poor mother used to wake up with a slightly

creepy little me standing over her in the middle of the night, a few times shes had to

stop me walking out the frount door sleep walking and on most occassions found me

asleep in some random place in the house (of which still happends lol) So for me it's

a challenge but one that my yoga has always helped with.

What is your vision for 2015?

Over the weekend I started a vision board for myself, being mindful that my heart is

healing I am creating a vision voard for the next 6 months only, so not to launch me

into the future and be mindful of living in each happy moment that presents itself.

Goals arnt on my list, Ive given them up, but refinments and streamlining is and for

the first time in a long time my vision board was about me not my business. Its a

swwet reminder that some things can be left to grow and cultivate all by themselves,

and some thing require some extra care like an orchid and a spider plant I suppose.

I have also launched the below dates for some of this years retreats and training

courses but bare with me while I update the website and rewrite the website content.

If you would like to book onto any event that I am hosting please do get in touch

directly until the online systems are shiney and new again.

Tell me........I am dying to know

....What were your first thoughts as the clock struck 12?

... What are your hearts deepest desires for this year?

... Would you like to spend some time together? What would you like to do?

As always...let there be more love, both giveing and recieving. Because there is just

never enough.

roanna harstad