Live and extraordinary life



Did you know that its our birthday? I have been in business now for 12 years

and look fondly over that last 12 years and see how much expansion and

deepening has taken place. Who would have thought that I would be

surrounded by so much abundance and in the company of so many

extraordinary people. So bare with me as I indulge in a little

recognition for the hard work, love and commitment that I continue to pour

into my cherished and extraordinary business and life. sigh.. So I've been doing alot of thinking

of late and have gathered a few powerful insights about my life and how I would

like to be in 2013. I can imagine that as the year draws to an end that you too

are beginning to think about what you want for yourself in 2013.

For me what was most important when I began my journey as a teacher and

coach was that the most important thing was to create opportunities for

people to expand and connect with their inner empowerment. One of the

main reasons that I left physiotherapy is because I didn't feel that it empower the whole person

to move forward using their own strength and capabilities. And naturally only

having 20 minutes to treat each client was a challenge to say the least. So I

wanted to be free, to set my own standards and to step over the

traditional lines and techniques. So what am I getting at? Well What I

am trying to say is that living an extraordinary life you must

take extraordinary actions. You can't simply plod along, filling your diary,

putting bums on mats and paying the rent. Although admirable, for me it

doesn't create the tsunami wave of change that I wish to create in the


I have no desire to be famous, no inner pull to be the next x-factor celeb

trainer but I do have a be part of the action, mess up the rules

and have a positive influence in my world. I will be focusing myself on creating

HUGE, Life enhancing and EXTRAORDINARY opportunities for you to enjoy.

I don't know about you but I am bored with people selling me stuff to try and

fix me or sort out the problems, I am over shelling out the cash and giving

over my power to another person claiming that what they sell are the

answer to all my questions. You know! There are loads of teachers and coaches

and leaders out there that are happy to carry your dependence and 'keep you

going'. I am not one of those teachers. I desire for you to empower yourself, for

you to be your own teacher, your own coach, to be the leader in your own life.

I don't mean to sound harsh but you know what I am talking about right?

Naturally we all can get inspired along the way and I want to make sure that

any time, emotions and money that you and I invest from this moment MUST

create a LONGLASTING and an EXTRAORDINARY influence on your life and my life.

As I said, if your ready for an extraordinary life, filled to the brim with extraordinary people and

extraordinary experiences then lets continue to share together, lets continue to build, to grow to

expand and blow the roof off all possibilities. How will this affect you? Well you have

all the power, all the abilities, all the knowledge and all the energy you will

ever need in this moment to bring about anything you want in your life


It may not feel like it sometimes, but it's there. You innate wisdom and strength

is ready to fight for you, its ready just waiting for you to say yes and to see the

opportunities that surround you every day. Decide to tune in, connect and stir

up that energy and get active. No excuses, no- mind- lessness, no I'll

do it tomorrow, today! Today could be the day when to claim back your power,

the day when you take extraordinary action and claim your extraordinary

life. You are not broken, you do not need to be fixed and you can access that

drive that gets you on your mat, onto your feet and out into the world.

It's simple, move your body, move your mind, move your emotions, you don't

need loads of books, you don't need to spend thousands on therapy to 'get over

it', you don't need to build your confidence, just do it.

Time is right now for you to dig deep and go be the person you we born to be.

Go be the YOU in YOUrlife. Go turn a corner, change gear, download an up to

date programme in your mind. There has never been a more important time

in your life then now. Questions? thoughts?




roanna harstad