Reflections of the heart



Dear friend,

So far this season I have met, trained and adjusted over 350 students and

we have certainty found new depth together, however with approximately

460,000 people practicing yoga in the UK alone, there's alot of you I havn't

yet met!

That's over 10,000 active yoga teachers teaching 30,000 classes a week in

the Uk!!!!

So how do you choose? Which style? Whats the difference? What teacher?

how are they trained? Do I care? which would be best to start with? Will the

class meet my personal needs?, What if it's too hard, too easy, to spiritual or

too intense?

It all feels like a huge gamble when trying to navigate your way through the

many options and choices out there, all of which can claim to be the 'best'

one in town, the most regulated or most experienced.

What is it that makes a 'good' teacher?

What are the things that stay with you once you've rolled up your mat?

I remember walking into my very first class, I crept through the door hoping

not to be noticed as again I was running late, but the door went on to squeak

so load that the whole class looked round and saw me, with my boyfriends

tracksuit bottoms on and my old camping mat...... I was terrified.

and then something happened..... the teacher looked me in the eyes and

said 'welcome, I am so happy you came'

From that moment I felt as if I had a place, a new family almost a tribe, a

place where I could be me, where friends together tying our self in knots

meant something, even for a short time everything outside in my 'real world'

felt less troublesome.

You know?

So for me that very first experience gifted me the trust to continue with my

practice and along the way which now feels sooo very far away from that

first experience has led me through the doors to many many different

teachers, students and experience.

Had I been met with a scowl for being late, from stiff unfriendly yogis judging

my scruffy old camping mat then I may have never gone to that class again

and who knows where I would be today.

So with all my heart, thank you to that first teacher who melted my heart and

taught me ultimately compassion, and with every new student that walks

through my door I remember that moment myself as I look you lovingly in the

eye and say' welcome, I am so happy you came'.

So to all those that I havn't met yet, lets hook up, catch a herbal tea or chat

online. I would love to meet you, share with you and learn about your

journey so far.

And with humility I offer you the following as a way for you to navigate your

experience with me as a teacher and as a fellow yogi:

About Roanna Harstad

Have a beautiful day, get in touch, stay in touch, i'd love to hear from you.

May you be filled with love and kindness

May you be well

May you be peaceful and at ease

May you be happy

With love and

roanna harstad