The whispers are true


April 2015

Dearest Friends,

The wispers are true....

After declaring that me and India are 'on a break'....

I will be teaching a 13 night yoga holiday in Kovalam, Kerala, India MARCH 22nd.

Free Spirit has asked me... or rather twisted my stubborn arm to head over and cover

the holiday.

So there it is..the winding round changed again lol

Im just as shocked as you are! lol

Its abit like when your sister calls and shes having a drama... you're knakerd, you

roll your eyes and go over anyway and end of laughing and sharing and enjoying

being together.... you know me and

So I am hoping sister india will wlecome me sweetly again, even though I said I

wouldnt be seeing her in a while lol

Palm Tree Yoga is a yoga holiday venue in south India. With easy 30 minute

transfers from Trivumdrum its a great place to be.

My theme for the holiday is 'simplicity'

Yoga, rest, yoga, sleep

So the day is yours to do as you will.

Get in touch with Free Spirit on 01273 564230

I am not handling any of the bookings so please do contact Jilly or Debbie directly

for info and bookings.

So if your fancy some Indian sun and some Ro yoga love then It would be my

delight to see you there.

'Palm Tree yoga overlooks the beach in a peaceful bay, yet is only a 15 minute stroll

or rickshaw ride away from shops and restaurants in Kovalam village. Our brand

new, fully equipped Yoga shala is purpose-built on the rooftop - imagine practising

in an open air space, surrounded by palm tress, overlooking the Indian ocean.'


roanna harstad