This is the way


August 2013

Do you remember when we fell in love? I do, I remember seeing you walk in

eyes wide and looking a little lost but full of readiness to get stuck in. You

smiled at me and asked 'are you the teacher' and from that moment we

shared souls, laughter, questions and friendship. Since that first class you began a

journey, a journey within yourself towards lightness and love.

It's been quite a year so far for me and as I sit here writing to you I am

in Lampeter at our beautiful retreat looking out onto the fields as though

I were Alice in wonderland. The mountains calm my beating heart

while I run around my head ticking off the lists of things that need to be

done to ready our new yoga season together in Swansea.

The retreat has now been named: Ascension in the Fields

This represents our pull to uplift and ascend into the higher realm of

possibilities both within ourselves and in our worlds. To hold space for

you to rise up and be the brilliance within you.

Offering insights into transformation, offering love for you to fill up on and

most importantly giving you the space to step up and shine.

After 12 emotional, heart bleeding, soul searching and love fueled years

to bring this vision into manifestation it is finally here. Our very own

retreat space with all the glory of being lovingly held in the heart of

the welsh mountains. sigh .......

Also the business has been transforming deeply to bring a

deeper, clearer vision for my work as a success coach and teacher and

within that I will be bringing you exceptional experiences and

beautiful new venues for you to come home to yourself.

But as usual I've gone all poet on you so before I go on about dreams,

love, mindful living and how much I ruddy love you I will get to the point.

ON the left you will see a few events which will get your juices flowing

(there's more coming!) as well as wrapped in this email are ways in

which you can take action today to get happy, healthy and well.

So I am fired up, smoothed out and ready to play, share and grow with

you. The new website is launched and ready to collect your

bookings, enquiries, recommendations and feedback.

So please share, like, spread

the word and I will see you in

September :-)

With all my love and more

in service, in peace

roanna harstad