Uncancel your dreams


May 2014

Uncancel your dreams

Dear Friends,

For me living an authentic life is about being free to listen to the call within,

to be able to move and re-shape when necessary to accommodate the

creative need of my spirit.

I would never had thought it possible to be so very blessed to have been

able to take charge of my working life as a business owner for 12 years now.

It's about freedom: to be able to work with purpose, fulfillment and strive to

explore every inch of yourself through your working life as well as your

personal life.

Its about integration: integrating your work life with who you are as a being of

frequency and not living your life outside of the 9-5.

Bringing value to the world through living your truth: You already contribute

hugely to this beautiful planet. However are there times when you don't feel

what you contribute is recognized or compensated for?

Imagine earning what you are truly worth, you see having the same monthly

income as reassuring... but imagine not having a limit on what you earn?

Close your eyes and imagine your perfect figure...landing in your account

right now..... feels good doesn't it. Being able to choose each day, each

week, each month and each year what that number is and then building your

passions and creative urges into your working life.

Don't cancel your dreams of living, working and earning to your highest

potential. There is never a situation that new ideas and right now actions can


For me quitting my full time job in physio and taking the leap into self

employed was mind blowing! I will never forget the moment I made that

decision, it was like something inside was shouting at me to break free and

just do what I love to do. From that moment on I have never looked back,

ever. Back then there were no coaches, success mentors, spiritual business

gurus. I remember not even being able to open a business bank account

without a guarantee.

And to this day every year I listen to where my spirit wants to go and I

express that through my business, my practice and then share it with the

world. You see everything is always changing, every second of the day

everything is changing, being so ridged that you don't move with the call for

change simply makes us feel trapped and our spirit bored.

So uncancel your dreams! Think of one thing right now that you may have

given up on and start the process of moving towards it. Today, now, right

now! Go do something, see some one, pick up the phone, have a google

and just taste the possibility again.


A registered training provider since 2012

On May 12th-15th 2014 the next Thai Reflexology Practitioner training will

commence. This 5 day course is designed for anyone who desires to change

direction, integrate a more balanced life and inspire others to become

healthier, to heal and of course get in touch with themselves.

Being able to offer this incredible treatment is a gift and with over 71% of

people in the UK using alternative/complementary medicine now is so

important for you to step into your power and do what you love to do, work

the way you love to work with the people you love to work with.

On completion of your course you will be a qualified practitioner. This course

is the only accredited course that includes level 3 anatomy and physiology

and on completion of your exams and case studies enable to be be a

competent, confident and knowledgeable Thai Reflexologist. This is not a

beauty therapy course, you will learn huge insights into the natural healing

processes of the body, how we respond to treatment along with useful

business coaching to help you get started running your own business.

Therapist development opportunities and plenty of practical and relevant

course content makes this an exceptional opportunity for you.

To ensure that you get my undivided attention as your tutor and to guarantee

the high quality training experience you deserve this course has a maximum

of 6 students.

I would love to hear from you, hear your ideas, explore your fears and



roanna harstad