Yoga ain't posh


August 2014

Dear (Contact First Name),

So in the last 2 months I have had a few... ahem... shall we say 'life changes' which

I have allowed to get in the way of launching any videos, publishing my yoga book,

finishing my yoga teacher training manuals etc etc and generally being 'out there'

in the yoga world..

For the frst time in years I didnt even attend the London Yoga show which is usually a

favourite of mine.

What with my lovely brother and sister in law having me on their sofa day in and day out

as well as my family up and down the M4 helping me store and transfer numerous amount

of yoga studio equipment, homey stuff and me, I was feeling a little usless..

have you ever had that feeling where you wish be be as small as a tiny grain of sand and

become un noticed..

Coming up to the end of 2014 I have been giglling today as flashes from my life story this

year passed through my mind...

I generally dont think there is an emotion out there that I have not experienced this incredible it that!!

My body, my mind, my spirit has got me through it all, taken me on a journey I would have

never expected, never predicted and looking back I can truely say I wouldnt have had it any

other way... sure I may have erm maybe polished a few areas more elegantly but as a whole

I can only surrender to the 'it is what it is' saying.

I was stuck in a cue this week and got chatting to this chap who was telling me about his

dog who has recently passed on and he said..

'nought I can do about it now'

and you no what we both stood there nodding away like two wise old souls letting the

world be just as it was... it was such a sweet moment.

So nought I can do about it now is where I am at, watching the last year of my life as

though I were watching a movie, with equal amounts of feeling and respect of the time and

energy and courage and creativity it took for me to make my lifes movie this year.

As you may know I offer online skype coaching as well as training and mentoring, when I

was in reading I have my own dedicated space to teach and practice in, I miss it deeply and

have been to proud to offer any coaching recently because I have been working from many

loactions including busy lounges, messy front rooms, friends bedrooms and the odd quiet

weather spoons! I kid you not.. working on the run without a place to call home has been

interesting to say the least but do you know what...

yoga aint posh!

what does it matter if the walls are not covered in luxury hangings with white company

candle burning in the back ground...

yoga has never been about that... and some where along the way I kind of forgot and

thought you would all be put off by me not having the back drop of a million dolla yoga


yer sure its cool and all that but it shouldnt stop us from being connected or sharing or


So today I lay out my humble mat in my brothers home who have lovingly held me and

wiped away my tears, who have picked me up let me into their lives and said ' your safe


For you my bro, my sister in law and my sweet neice who have been my everyday life

since my brake up and who I thank from the bottom of my heart.

Click here for some self practice ideas:

yoga aint posh home practice video flow

Go on, roll out your mat, turn on the radio and move your breath and soothe your heart. xxx

roanna harstad