Spiritual-Business, is there a connection?


Spiritual-Business, is there a connection?


Dear friends,

How are you? What has you heart been telling you as the weeks of 2014

have been rolling past?


This week I am inspired to talk about ethical business choices, how as a

business owner I align my spiritual values with my business values to ensure

perfect integration and how best to serve those who choose to be part of the

services I offer.


I think that there is a definite and strong connection between spirituality and

business. There are a spiritual laws of success that some of the famous

teachers today promote and teach. And there are basically many principles

that are spiritual and that are used in business education, business training,

sales training and like that. And they are not always given credit as being


We have a phenomena of ethical business, we have spirituality in the work

place. We have many courses, that actually teach how to live in the mode of

goodness, how to work in goodness. Although Tony Robbins says: " Live

with passion " he himself teaches principles of goodness within business.

For me its simple. Life is an indivisible whole.

We are not one sided or one dimensional beings. We have at least four

dimensions and some people say there is more than that but I want to

propose four human capacities or four human needs, that are part of life.

Very clear distinct part of life.

Spiritual side of life, one of them is Physical side of life, which refers to

our body

Physical side, well being, our health.

Mental side or side of the mind. How our mind and intelligence work,

how we use our creativity

Emotional side of life: How we relate to other people, How we express

love, how we receive love.

So, life is an indivisible whole as Gandhi said, and every area affects the

other area. Like if you have a car with four wheels, if one wheel brakes, the

car will go for some time but ultimately you have to stop and fix it. Similarly, if

any of these four areas are out of balance, the other areas are affected.

Similarly in Yoga Asana, both sides of a muscle must be equal in strength

and flexibility for balance and ultimately our practice is the path of working

towards this.

I think in order to be successful in this world is the balance of both its

spiritual side and its material side, we need both. We need the synergy of

material and spiritual.

One principle which I will first describe in Sanskrit is very powerful principle

is called "Yukta vairagya". It comes from one very, very wonderful teacher

from the 15th Century Rupa Goswami and he says that You can use

anything from the material world but use it to benefit others.

Imagine if every company and business that you know created action

coming from this place only! Wow we would each be delighted with every

purchase and service that we bought into, and in turn we would act from that

place too.

The perfect act of give and receive. Long ago before there was books on

how to run an ethical business, this was my most important value in my

business. 100% satisfaction is my minimum in everything I do.

Use it well. Don't use it to exploit others, don't use it for anything bad. And in

this way we can use unlimited resources that we can get, unlimited money,

unlimited materials, things like that, equipment, if we use it for good


You know and in this way we can benefit others, benefit ourselves and our

usage of material things will be spiritually based. So we need both, we need

this synergy of spiritual and material.

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So thank you for sharing your stories and inspirations, lets continue to grow

and nurture ourselves and the ethical and trans-formative businesses

around us.


Thank you for inspiring me and teaching me how live brightly, how to love

unconditionally and most importantly how to keep my heart wide open.


With love and respect.




roanna harstad