1-1 Yoga & Meditation coaching online

1-1 Yoga & Meditation coaching online


1-1 Yoga & Meditation coaching online

First session £19.99 / £35 per session

Do you have a really busy life? If you are the sort of person who struggles with regular yoga class timetables, traffic or finding a class that inspires you then online 1-1 sessions are for you. Online live coaching is extremely effective.

Your online sessions are an inspiring way to practice from your how or workplace giving you the flexibility to practice at a time that suits your schedule.

No more rushing to yoga classes, fighting over car parking space or having to lug around your yoga mat and gym bag. Practicing from home is a beautifully indulgent and cost effective way to benefit from expert teaching and practice with all the yumminess of a perfectly balanced practice.

All you need is an area to lay out your yoga mat, a laptop, tablet or online device, an internet connection and some time to yourself.

Using Skype and FaceTime I will call you at your appointed date using your email and or mobile number. Easy!

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