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Winter detox and cleanse 5 day retreat January 11th-16th 2018

  • Ascension in the fields ffos-y-ffin sa488ll lampeter (map)

Winter detox and cleanse 5 day retreat

  • January Thursday 11th- Tuesday 16th 2018
  • Ascension in the fieldsffos-y-ffinsa488lllampeter (map)

Winter detox and cleanse 5 day retreat in the welsh mountains Thursday January 11th 4pm-Tuesday 16th 2pm £495 All inclusive detox programme, all juices, soups and food, accommodation for 5 nights and 30 minute hypnotherapy session.

Winter detox and cleanse 5 day retreat

How long has it been since you felt energized, focused, and 100% alive?

Are you feeling the effects of all those late night and rushed food?

Are you feeling light in your spirit and body, or have you noticed that you’re slowing down and feeling sluggish?

I’ve learned that the best way for me to wrap up my enjoyment of the holidays and get ready to soar each new year is to experience a physical cleanse, supported by techniques that help renew body, mind, emotions and spirit.

Winter is the energy of the Water element, the time of rest and hibernation, when nature retreats to build up its reserves for its next cycle of seasons. This is a quieter, more reflective time of year, a time when it is easy to sleep in, stay at home, and let ourselves rest.

If you are ready to set some spiritual and self-love goals to make the new year your best one ever, I’d like to invite you to join me in a 5 Day Winter detox and cleanse 5 day retreat Jan 2018

Example daily schedule:

8-10am: Detox yoga and meditation

10-11am: detox juice/soup/food

11-1pm: Sauna (included), body scrubs, onsite treatments available

1pm:detox juice/soup/food

2pm-4pm: talks, Sleep, meditation, walks, journals, hypnotherapy, counselling, Coaching

3pm:detox juice/soup/food

4pm-6pm: Holistic exercise, gentle thai chi, karunesh heart chakra meditation

6pm:detox juice/soup/food

7pm-8pm: Yoga Nidra, hypnotherapy sleeping

8pm:detox juice/soup/food

8:30pm: retire