It all started when...

Every year I choose a charity which I and my business support and champion. This enables me to take action and bring awareness to areas of life that doesn't always get aired easily. Last year we raised over £500 for a charity bringing awareness to Female Genital Mutalation.

Brining awareness to female based issues is I believe part of our responsibilities as not only a women but as a human. We all go about our lives doing the best we can but sometimes we can do more, we can think more and feel more.

This year I would like to bring awareness and support to an issue I'm sure is closer then you may think.

Emotional, mental and physical abuse towards women is real. Lets not fluffy about it, wear pink and do a run in the sunshine. We must do more. We need to talk about it, challenge the situation and create change through our behaviours and our actions and our belief systems.

1 in 14 children have experienced emotional abuse by a parent or guardian. And these are the only reported ones.

These facts for adults are harder to transfer into numbers but Im pretty sure that the majority of us at some point has experienced or witnessed emotionally abusive behaviour.

A new law targeting people who psychologically and emotionally abuse their partners, spouses, or family members has come into force under the Serious Crime Bill.

The legislation will see psychological abusers facing up to five years in jail or a hefty fine, or both, if found guilty.

Finally this issue has a place in the legal system and will creat the change we want as long as we are active participants.

This charity is a UK based organisation helping to lift this up into the light and provides a place of resource and support.If giving is what you are ale to do then great heres the link

What do we do when we witness people we love experiencing this? The advise says offer support, don't judge, don't be controlling, be respectful of their decisions and I get that but when is enough enough?

When are we allowed to stand up and front out the situation and bare some home truths? When do we no longer use bagful approaches and just call bullshit on it? For me just sitting by and watching it unfold is too painful. Ive been there, Ive experienced it personally and watched it play out with almost every women in my family and friends since I was able to say no.

When walking away isn't an option then what do we do?

I am a feminist, I am a women, I champion the wonderful men and women in the world, I see the best in everyone, I actively and consistent challenge my belief systems to ensure that I myself are not becoming rigid or ignorant and I too know that more then anyone on this little planet that I hold the most failings as a human.

I also know that change and growth is a second by second experience. It's not a monthly meeting where promises are made and actioned are ignored.

Today, what can you do to be part of the uplifting of all human beings not just women but all beings.

I don't have the answers but together we can find empowering ways to enlighten and lift. Carrying the pain of this subject is just to much for me to remain diplomatic and tactful. I am asking you to share with me and all how you feel and what you see and what your abundant and unique life could offer out.

I love you and respect you all.