Rest and Evolve 6 day online programme 23rd-28th

Rest and Evolve 6 day online programme 23rd-28th


6 days to Rest and Evolve

This free 6 day self care and life enhancing online coaching programme is for anyone wishing to feel more connected to their life and themselves.

During this 6 days you will be gifted daily coaching home worksheets, daily yoga poses, live videos and online sharing within the group.

You are asked to participate fully in the experience by asking questions, sharing your emotions and challenges that arise, you will be asked to post daily and of course be open to the wonders of rest and evolution during the week.

I will also be including some live meditation sessions and some great nutrition tips too :-)

The programme will be available for you to access every day at a time that works for you, but you are asked to check in with the group daily at least once between 6am and 9pm every day.

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