1-1 One hour yoga session

1-1 One hour yoga session

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Yoga is more than just exercise, it is a transformative practice that creates wellbeing. 

1-2-1 yoga is an ideal way to experience the benefits of yoga. private, couple or group tailor-made tuition to suit your level, your intentions and your timetable.
Reasons to take private yoga lessons:

1. New to yoga
New students often feel overwhelmed in a group class, and can benefit immensely from receiving an instructor’s complete attention. Working one to one will help you develop a clear understanding of the yoga poses and breathing techniques,  rather than getting lost when the speed of a group class is too much.

2. Increase strength, and flexibility
Ro will select poses which are appropriate to your needs and experience, so that you develop a safe, intelligent and nourishing practice. The private tuition helps curb our natural tendency to push towards reaching the full expression of a pose, when this may not yet be appropriate, and may put you at risk of injury, or discomfort.  Working 1:1 Ro will be right beside you, helping you to balance your ambitions with your experience and abilities, offering assistance and gentle guidance as your skills develop.

3. Busy schedules
One to one  yoga classes conveniently fit your schedule. Many people are just too busy to get in the car or on public transport and then practice yoga for an hour (or more) at the studio, then travel back home again … that leaves you anything but relaxed. Ro can schedule your sessions at a time that is convenient for you and design a class specifically for you.

4. Your needs come first
Private yoga classes are customised to fit your specific needs, focusing on therapeutic benefits for injuries, restorative benefits for stress or emotional situations, and helping you work towards specific goals.

Sessions take place in Wickford or in the comfort of your own home (£10 extra charge per session applies)

Buy 1-1 sessions and boost your practice and wellbeing.

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