Shoulders and more workshop sat 25th 830-1030am

Shoulders and more workshop sat 25th 830-1030am


Shoulders and more workshop


Saturday 25th March

Would you like to enjoy greater health, wellbeing and ease in your shoulders and neck?

Many of us tend to hold some tension and stress in the shoulders and neck, or even experience RSI (repetitive strain injury) from working on computers. If you would like to relieve tension, create greater mobility, strength, and health in your shoulders and neck, this workshop is for you.

In this workshop, our practice will focus on our shoulders, one of the most important and vulnerable joints in our body. We will explore their anatomy and natural movement, as well as address any issues that we might experience around the shoulder joint as well as the neck.

We will work to release tension, to create space and mobility, as well as stabilising and strengthening the shoulder joint. Whether you experience regular tension in your shoulder and neck, or you would just like to increase the range of movement and health of your shoulders, this workshop will be a great opportunity to learn how to move your shoulders in a way that increases their strength and integrity, as well as release tension around this important joint.

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